Every day we bring you a different dj, with their unique style. Our house-dj, Jonathan, submerges you with his characteristic Balearic vibes. Pioneering the style, he is one of the key musical figures of the island, and will provide you with the perfect setting to enjoy your drink, lying on the sand. Jonathan truly made and makes Sa Trinxa the magical music hotspot it is today, famous all around the world.

Franco Moiraghi’s powerful hypnothic music lifts you up to the next level. True love and happiness are his ingredients to bring you a day to remember. Known since the 90’s for his top hit, he will eternally be known as the Peter Pan of the music scene. From flamenco to today’s populair music, he will guide you through 30 years of sound.

Last but not least, resident-dj Andi Piper, gets his inspiration from a cocktail of beach house, balearic sounds and electronic music, welcoming you into his own unique universe. Playing on our beach for more than 20 years, he keeps you dreaming of the next summer among the waves, while you impatiently await the cold winter months to end…

Written by An Cuypers, Photos by Lorenzo Melissari

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